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These days, high profile marketing is the name of the game for successful businesses, and there is no better way to add some spark to your marketing than with promotional USB drives. Flash memory, which is the current storage standard for USB drives, has become very cheap to manufacture in large quantities over recent years, and it is now simple and cheap for a company to increase their branding and hone in on their brand awareness. This is where Customized USA steps in. Our company has become the biggest provider of promotional, custom and creative USB flash drives for all types of promotional purposes and across all industries, for companies small or big. We have gone from strength to strength thanks to keeping on top of commercial USB technologies while keeping customer service our number one priority.

We have a huge array of 2.0 USB flash drives that vary in storage capacity from 8MB to 64GB, including professional double swing style and stream style drives, to quirky and creative airplane, instrument and even candy bar style drives. We understand that promotional methods vary widely from company to company, and this is reflected in the variety of styles we have on offer.

We also offer a range of services for our customers with networking and promotion in mind. For example, we can preload data on drives so they are ready for promotion, filled with all the info your potential customers need. This data can be permanently loaded onto the drive so that it is not erased if the flash drive is partitioned. We can set this data to auto-run so that it comes up automatically when the flash drive is used, and we can even let your company logo pop on the computer desktop. There are also security options available such as USB use password protection, copy protection, and data encryption for sensitive information.

Customer Service

To keep our customers completely satisfied we stick by our morals. We have a dedicated in-house team which consistently monitors our customer’s demands and the services we provide them to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Senior members of staff are not disconnected from our customers, and this ensures good business practice. We take customer feedback seriously, and we are quick to address any issues that our customers raise. It is no surprise then that we have an extremely high customer satisfaction rating, and the feedback we receive shows us that we are doing things right.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simple; to provide the cutting edge of USB technology and creativity, while striving to be the most loyal provider to our customers around the world. We are the largest distributer of custom USB drives to the Americas, and because of this, we are completely aware of our responsibility to maintain and uphold our support and guidance in the branding of our clients. We want to keep and increase our status as a leading global consumer provider, and we want to do it the right way.

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