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Accessories & Packaging for Promotional USB drives

Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives

Accessories options

Chain Key Ring

The chain key ring is a simple and easy USB chain key accessory to connect your USB drives to a key ring, belt buckle and so on to stop them from getting lost. Made from metal it is constructed with a number a smaller hoops and a big hoop, and the connector allows you to connect the USB chain key to the vast majority of promotional USB drives that Customized USA have to offer. This is a highly versatile and low cost solution to add a little extra security to your flash drive promotion, which ensures they won't get lost.

Hook Key Ring

The hook key ring USB drive connector is a step up from the chain key ring. Being a hook and not a key ring, it is easier to connect it to your keys and your belt. Made from nickel plated tempered steel, this is a very strong and rust resistant key ring, which will not open on its own accord so you can be sure it stays safely connected. Choose the hook key ring USB connector if you don't want your customers to fumble around getting it connected up, and if you want the strongest weather proof key ring available.

Wire Key Ring

The USB wire key ring is a highly attractive and contemporary key ring, composed of a thin yet strong wire which can be looped around the connector of many of Customized USA's bulk USB drives, with a robust metal hoop at the other end so it can be connected to all types of key rings to help keep the USB drive from getting lost. Because the wire is nice and long, it is perfect for keeping the drive in your pocket safely connected to your belt buckle. Choose the USB wire key ring for a flexible and safe solution.

Lanyard Key Ring

The USB lanyard key ring is the most powerful and flexible key ring you can provide with your marketing flash drives. If your customers and clients come from a diverse background, or if you are unsure of the background, then the lanyard key ring is perfect because it suits everyone, from businessmen to tradesmen. The lanyard is made of robust fabric with a plastic clip at one end so you can disconnect it at leisure from the flash drive. You can connect it to key chains, belt buckles, or wear it as a necklace to keep it completely safe.

Hoop Key Ring

Of all the USB accessories that Customized USA provides, the hoop key ring is the most affordable and simple. The standard hoop key ring is the standard for providing safe and reliable to connection for accessories of all shapes and sizes, from keys to USB sticks and fluffy toys. They can be ordered in bulk for connection to your promotional USB drives at brilliant prices so make sure you check them out. The standard hoop does not connect directly to every USB design so ensure yours is viable. If not, then the wire or hook key rings are your best bet.

Packaging options

Velvet Pouch

The velvet pouch is a simple way to give your promotional USB drives some affordable yet luxurious USB flash packaging. The standard color is black, although the velvet pouch also comes in multiple colors so you can match up the color with your drive and your company. You can also print your company logo on either or both sides of the pouch so everybody knows who your company are and what products and services you have to offer. This packaging really is no brainer if you need an effective cover for your drives and yet are on a budget.

Clear Vinyl Pouch

The clear vinyl pouch is the cousin of the velvet pouch packaging and is roughly the same size. While the velvet pouch has a draw string to shut it, the clear vinyl pouch has a lid and a button to keep your flash drives when it is not being used. Being clear, it is a better choice to go with if you want your promotional USB drives to be seen when you are promoting and advertising. Customization is easy with the clear vinyl pouch, with custom printing options for all types of logos on both sides of the pouch.

Retail Packaging

Retail packaging is a great option since it provides you total flexibility with the clear plastic wrap and the insert card. Not only that, but this packaging will make the drive seem more like a priced product than a promotional give-away, so the consumer will think of it more as a present than anything else. No matter what USB style and size you have ordered, this USB flash packaging can be custom molded to any specification and dimension so any drive can be fitted with this packaging. The insert card can also be printed to any design specification you want in full color.

Magnetic Box

The magnetic box is one of our high end package options. It comes fitted with an attractive interior, a metal casing for the exterior, and a magnetic lid so that it closes properly and does not open inadvertently. The size of the box is customizable to fit any shape and size flash drive, even bulky and pen shaped drives. The top of the box can be printed with your chosen design in full color. The magnetic box shows the customer that you are not simply handing out any old drives, but drives that are the highest quality in the business!

Clear Plastic Magnetic Box

This is a variant of the magnetic box. It has a clear plastic lid which is magnetically closes. The USB drive fits snuggly inside an imbedded region of the interior, which makes it ideally suited to standard shaped flash drives. This USB flash packaging allows people to see what you have to offer without needing to take the device out of the box, and so makes for a convenient alternative to the standard magnetic box. Printing is available on both sides of the USB flash packaging in full color, so you can maximize your exposure with the consumer base.

Square Metal Window Box

The square metal window box is constructed out of a rectangular metallic casing which clips shut, with an area of clear plastic window underneath which shows your flash drive to the outside world, so customers instantly know what they are getting. The drive is imbedded in foam to stop it from shaking about inside the box and getting scratched. Color logo imprinting can be done on both sides of the box, and thanks to it being metal you can also have engraving implemented on both sides, which gives a truly permanent branding solution. This box looks brilliant and will compliment your flash drive nicely.

Oval Metal Box

The oval metal box is a cylindrical USB flash packaging option with a lid at the top which clips on to the main body to ensure it does not come loose and fall off. The lid also has a clear window so that your marketing flash drives can be displayed without needing to remove them from the box. Custom shaped foam is included inside the box to keep the flash drive safe and secure, and free from damage. Custom color logo imprinting is available on the curved and both top and bottom of the container for 360 degree exposure.

Plain White Box

The plain white box is an effective and affordable USB flash packaging option available with Customized USA. It is a simple clean shiny white cardboard encasement to give your promotional USB drives something to live in before they are handed out. The shape and size of the box is fully customizable depending on the dimensions of your chosen flash drives, and you can have you chosen logo design printed in color on any or all sides of the box. This packaging will not ensure ultimate protection for your drives, but they are a good looking and affordable solution without the frills.

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