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Auto Run Promotional USB drives

Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives

Technology lets you do lots of fantastic things to ramp up your company promotion. For example, USB flash drives can be programmed to auto run any pre-loaded data automatically as soon as the drive is connected to a computer. This ensures that any marketing and advertising gets noticed by the consumer, equating to increased sales of your products and services.

Auto-run can handle any type of file media, from web pages to word or PowerPoint documents, PDF files, audio and movie files, and flash files to name only a few.

Depending on your promotional stance, we can customize the auto run procedure for you. If you want files to auto-run upon first usage of the drive, but not on any subsequent uses, then we can do this. Or, the feature can be implemented so that the procedure occurs every time the user connects the USB stick. Either procedure can also be permanently installed onto the stick, so that the user cannot change the auto run, or the procedure can be available for modification by the user if they do not want the auto run to occur. The choice is up to you depending on how you want to market and brand your company.

Icon Creation

We offer a huge array of beautiful custom USB drives, but why let the beauty end there? Your business logo or icon can be loaded onto the drive, so that it is automatically associated with the flash drive loaded on the computer. There is no better way to advertise your business, than when your nifty design says hello to the user right on the screen. The practical implications are also great as well, since normally the computer will automatically assign a drive label whenever one is connected, and on many occasions the devices will all have the same default names. So, a USB device with a custom icon really stands out from all the rest, and let you make your marketing more complete.

The same customizable options are available for icons as are for all auto run data, such as permanent or changeable features. All windows operating systems support the icon creation feature, which includes the up and coming Windows 8 operating system. So, your marketing will be effective to everyone no matter what version of Windows they are using. Be sure to check out our extensive range of USB products and services today.

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