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Classic Flash Drives

There is no reason why any company in today’s world cannot use classic flash drives to promote products and services. It was not long ago that such a thing was unheard of, but now the components used to make USB drives, and flash drive technology are coming down in price quite dramatically. This added to the fact that consumers these days are more aware of what they can buy than ever before, and are able to quickly and conveniently compare prices of products, brands and so on, means that if you are going to really make a jump in consumer sales and profits then thoughtful and clever branding is more needed than ever before. This is why branded flash drives are such amazing little devices, because their functionality really makes the consumer notice what you have to offer.

Did you know? Our standard Turnaround is 7-10 business days!

Customized USA offer an extensive range of classic flash drives. Being made from plastic, it is a sensible material to use because plastic marketing flash drives are some of the most affordable you can buy, while offering a robust, strong and resilient casing to protect those all important USB internals. It is also easy to paint and to apply logos, which is why the vast majority of classic flash drives come with unlimited color options and logo printing on different areas of the drives. The potential for highly tuned branding and creativity cannot be beaten with the classic flash drive design, so bear this in mind when making your decision between this and different materials such as metal and leather.

Swivel Flash Drive

Prices: $2.45 or lower!

Standard Flash Drive

Prices: $2.45 or lower!

Curved Flash Drive

Prices: $2.65 or lower!

Capsule Flash Drive

Prices: $2.75 or lower!

Flat Bracelet Flash Drive

Prices: $2.95 or lower!

Wrist Bracelet Flash Drive

Prices: $2.95 or lower!

Mini Slide Flash Drive

Prices: $4.25 or lower!

Jewelry Flash Drive

Prices: $6.95 or lower!

Paper Clip Flash Drive

Prices: $4.95 or lower!

Did you know? Our drives are compatibile with Mac and PC's, Win7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95; Mac OS 8.6 and above

Some of the plastic marketing flash drives that are offered include the swivel flash drive, the curved flash drive, the flip top and professional flash drives, the capsule flash drive, the big print flash drive, and the round flash drive. More interesting designs include the smart card flash drive, the mini swivel flash drive, the mini slide flash drive, the wine bottle flash drive, the truck flash drive, the pill flash drive, the airplane flash drive, the sports flash drives, the candy flash drive, the oval flash drive, the people flash drive, the paperclip flash drive, and the credit card flash drive. All these promotional USB drives have one thing in common – they all look brilliant, and are tough enough to never let you down.

Did you know? We're offering Limited Lifetime Warranty with minimum 10 years Data Retention.

You can be fully confident of your purchase of bulk USB drives with Customized USA, who imply a lifetime limited warranty on all classic flash drives for total peace of mind.