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Custom Shaped Promotional USB drives

Custom Shaped Promotional USB drives

Who wants the boring old standard promotional USB drives, when your imagination can be the start of any USB design you can possibly think of? Doing this for yourself is a great thing to do, but it can also work extremely well in promoting your company’s products and services. 100% custom shaped flash drives will have no equal out in the market, so you can ensure that your promotion and brand retains its uniqueness and creativity, which is proven to help increase the prosperity of your company. Nothing screams branding awareness more than customized USB drives, and the market can really appreciate the extra effort you put in.

It sounds fantastic, but how does it work? You might think you will have to provide detailed and scientific specifications for the design of custom shaped flash drives, and you can do this, but if you are not much a designer you can simply give us a simple drawing and we will do all the design work for you.

The design process begins with what you provide us. We accept all forms of drawings on all scales, and you can be as creative as you like; more often than not we will be able to create what you want. You can let us decide the dimensions of the product or you can provide them yourself. From there, we update what you have provided to make it possible for us to do, and we provide graphical renderings of the design to see if you like it, after which changes can be made to ensure you get exactly what you want. You make all of the executive decisions when it comes to the design of custom molded USB drives, so you do not need to worry.

Your imagination really is not constricted, as we allow for practically any material you can think of, such as metal, wood, plastic, rubber for custom molded USB drives. Furthermore, we allow you to realize moving parts, printed artwork, and copyrighted brand inclusion if you hold the rights. If you are a producer of world famous whiskey, electronics, toys or clothing, you can include the relevant style into the design of branded flash drives. You could surprise yourself with what you come up, such as mini games consoles, space shuttles, ash trays, or really anything! We also offer USB’s embedded within other techno devices, such as mp3 players, web cams and other such gadgets.

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