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Customized jump drive

Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives

Customized jump drive has arrived and is ready to make noise! They are finally here!! Customized jump drives for marketing purposes is one of the most unique promotional items in the industry right now. CustomizedUSA can 100% customize your jump drives to your specification and to your needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering top notch beautifully manufactured Custom drives for marketing purposes. These beautifully made drives are going to help you expand your brand and brand awareness as a whole. Imagine going to a trade show or company event and presenting your potential customers with one of these beautifully made customized drive with your logo on it…wow what a way to start the first meeting, and it does not end there.

These little USB's are valuable. The potential customer will take the customized jump drive home and keep it and not toss in the garbage on the way home from the convention like most of the other promotional items and giveaways. They will keep it and see your company name and logo every time he uses the drive. Wow, talk about value. Your 100% branded drives in the hand of your potential buyer everyday! This can surely mean that the potential of your sales are increased with these drives. They are more than printed drives; they are the new way to market the new way to distribute your message to your potential customers and earth friendly as you save trees!

Customized flash drives are compatible with every Mac and PC and operating system. All of our custom drives come in a large variety of memory sizes that you can use. From a very small drive that hold a single document, presentation, or website link to a massive capacity to hold movies and music. They also come in a variety of color, styles, and shapes. Only your imagination is the limit to what can be done and created with customized jump drives by us.

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