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Data Preloading and Permanent Data Preloading

Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives

Custom USB flash drives give you a form of brand advertising that other methods simply cannot match. The customer is far more likely to accept a free USB stick from a company than a boring old business card, and this increases your brand awareness easily. However, data preloading takes things a step up, as company products and services (or whatever you like) are stored on the drive, so that the user can see them when they use the USB stick.

If a consumer sees a file on the stick, they would be very hard pressed not to at least have a little look at what is being offered, especially since you were kind enough to give them a free stick! Customized USA offers a myriad of USB designs for any company strategy, and of course we offer data preloading for anything you need. We allow you to load 1MB as a minimum in file size, and we charge for files over 200MB. Do not think you can only have text files included; we offer preloading for every major file type, such as PowerPoint, PDF, movie formats and so on.

Permanent Data Preloading

One of the most effective things you can do to quite literally keep your branding permanent is to opt for permanent data preloading, which we also offer. This holds an advantage over normal preloading because the data cannot be erased from the USB flash drive once it has been loaded by us. This is a very effective method of increasing your brand exposure. People often give USB sticks to their friends and co-workers, and with the info permanently on the stick, more potential customers will see your promotional files.

If you are distributing sales catalogues for examples then doing this ensures that your advertising stays where it is supposed to. The files cannot be deleted manually by the user, and if you were wondering whether you could wipe the drive with partitioning then you can do so, but this only partitions one section, and does not partition another private section where your data is stored. The data really is non-erasable for the life of the product, and the data could only be erased by the people who uploaded the data. Permanent data preloading will keep your branding right where it should be, and maximize your exposure, so make sure you choose this service with us.

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