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Leather Flash Drives

Of all the ways to promote your business or enterprise, promotional USB drives have the potential to accelerate the effectiveness of your promotional efforts at a very reasonable price. USB components and flash drives have been reducing in price steadily over the last decade and they are now the most sought after option for any company or firm within any industry. Leather flash drives are an attractive choice because they have a sense of style and class that plastics, metal and wood cannot quite reach. It is certainly true that branded flash drives made from any material can be made to look exquisite, but leather flash drives simply do so without any effort at all.

Did you know? Our standard Turnaround is 7-10 business days!

Customized USA have a lot of leather flash drives to offer, including the unique leather flash drive, the elegant leather flash drive and the classic leather flash drive. The classic style is almost entirely leather with a few metal parts for the clips. The elegant and unique leather flash drives have a metal structure with leather embedded, and the combination of leather and metal looks very attractive, and the metal ensure strength. What unites all these different designs is the prestige of top quality leather, and the strength and robustness that leather and metal provides. If you are looking for true customization for your branded flash drives, then plastic and PVC offer more color options and logo printing services and might be the material to go for instead. If you however want nothing but the most professional looking marketing flash drives then leather is for you.

Classic Leather flash Drive

Prices: $3.95 or lower!

Elegant Leather Flash Drive

Prices: $3.95 or lower!

Did you know? Our drives are compatibile with Mac and PC's, Win7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95; Mac OS 8.6 and above

Whether you are going for plastic, PVC, metal or leather, all of Customized USA’s bulk USB drives leave plenty up to you. You can choose between storage spaces from 8MB right the way up to 32GB, and extra data options like icon creation let your marketing presence be felt when the USB flash drive is in use. Packaging options and accessories give you even more customization, and you can make your promotional drives look the part with high quality metallic box packaging. If you are looking for connector solutions, then we provide lots of different key rings to go with all promotional USB drives, which makes the chance of them getting lost much less likely.

Did you know? We're offering Limited Lifetime Warranty with minimum 10 years Data Retention.

Leather flash drives represent the highest class promotion with the most pleasing and well-designed looks, so make sure you do your company justice with Customized USA.