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Novelty Flash Drives

Promotional USB drives remind most people of boring gray styles with little or no character, but these days nothing needs to be left to the imagination. This makes novelty flash drives hugely popular for companies looking to put some creativity into their branding.

Did you know? Our standard Turnaround is 7-10 business days!

Customized USA offer a host of weird and wonderful novelty marketing flash drives that help bring creativity to many market niches, including candy bar and sweet flash drives, beach flops flash drives, people and professions flash drives, beverage can flash drives, musical instrument flash drives, food flash drives, sports flash drives, pill and medicine flash drives, airplane flash drives, transportation flash drives, wine and beer bottle flash drives, pencil flash drives, bullet flash drives, house flash drives, hammer flash drives, light bulb flash drives, and dog tag flash drives.

Laser Pen Flash Drive

Prices: $6.45 or lower!

Light Bulb Flash Drive

Prices: $4.95 or lower!

Lanyard Flash Drive

Prices: $3.45 or lower!

Hammer Flash Drive

Prices: $5.45 or lower!

Bullet Flash Drive

Prices: $4.35 or lower!

Hand Grenade Flash Drive

Prices: $3.95 or lower!

Pencil Flash Drive

Prices: $4.25 or lower!

Wine Bottle Flash Drive

Prices: $4.25 or lower!

Truck Flash Drive

Prices: $4.25 or lower!

Airplane Flash Drive

Prices: $4.25 or lower!

Sports Flash Drives

Prices: $4.25 or lower!

Guitar Flash Drive

Prices: $4.25 or lower!

Food Flash Drive

Prices: $4.25 or lower!

People Flash Drive

Prices: $5.25 or lower!

Did you know? Our drives are compatibile with Mac and PC's, Win7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95; Mac OS 8.6 and above

These designs range from plastic to PVC to metal, and each material can be custom printed free of charge with Customized USA. Metal designs let you engrave the logo, which ensures it will never get rubbed off! Every material ensures that the flash drives are tough enough to withstand any eventualities, and with all designs the USB connector is hidden safely away until you need to use it.

Did you know? We're offering Limited Lifetime Warranty with minimum 10 years Data Retention.

There are a few limitations to novelty flash drives, such as the limited print options you have with certain designs. A few designs don’t allow you to have any logo printed at all, so watch out for these ones if you are adamant that you want a logo printed.

Not only is this range of novelty flash drives extensive, but you can also design your own bulk USB drives to any specification with our custom design service. You choose the shape, style, functionality, coloring and printing and we give you detailed drawings and with your approval the design is constructed. This allows you to create branded flash drives that perfectly match up with your expectations. We also offer data services such as icon creation and data preloading which can be installed onto the flash drives. Icon creation sees your company logo displayed on the computer, and preloading lets you have any promotional files you would like so the customer can look through them. Data encryption and password protection are also available to help protect private information stored.