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Encrypted and Password Protected Promotional USB drives

Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives

Anyone who saves personal information onto a USB stick should have back-up measures in place to protect themselves in case the worst happens. This is especially the case if the information you store is private and sensitive and could affect you and your business if the information is compromised. Precautionary measures on USB drives allow information to stay safe if the drive is lost or stolen, which is quite a common thing to happen with flash drives if you are not careful. So, you are given peace of mind when using the drive, which allows you to focus on the task at hand. This procedure is especially important for businesses that transmit important and sensitive information between employees and clients. We provide a range of protection services when you purchase 2.0 USB drives with us, such as password protection and data encryption.

Password Protected USB Data

An easy front line against others getting hold of your valuable information is password protection. We can program the USB drives you order with us to come with a unique password. This means that if you lose it or it is stolen, your information is impossible to access. As soon as the stick is connected to a personal computer, a prompt will pop up asking for the password. Without the password, the information will be impossible to access.

USB Data Encryption

The last and most concrete line of defense against malicious attack on your files is USB data encryption. Encryption works by the usage of a cipher to scramble the information on your files to gobbledygook, which can only be changed back to its original state with a key, which we provide you with. We employ the current and most advanced encryption standards to protect your information, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your data is safe even if you lose your USB flash drive or it is stolen. Both Encryption and password protection is permanent once installed onto the flash drive.

To clarify between password protection and encryption, the first is a user prompt when the USB is used, and the second will require a key when you open the files themselves. Of course you can have both methods of protection to maximize the protection. You should decide how important your information will be when choosing protection methods, and we provide both services to ensure your data remains completely safe.

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