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Personalized USB Drives

Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives Promotional USB Drives

Personalized USB Drives are really one of the most unique promotional and marketing items in the market today. Imagine you marketing at a convention event or trade show and handing out beautifully customized drives with your company logo imprinted on them displayed. Well with us this is a reality. We have the capability to make custom drives to your exact specification.

We can even custom make USB flash drives from scratch. We have been an industry leader for many years and many reasons. Reason number one: We make the best and cheapest personalized flash drives in the industry. Reason two: We will not ever be undersold by the competition. Reason Three: We will always beat or meet any competitor quote. These again are just a few reasons why we offer the best and the most affordable Custom USB drives.

Our printed drives also come in many shapes, in many colors and in May styles. As far as the colors are concerned we offer our clients many options and colors choices for their Custom and Personalized USB drives. The ability that we have to customize colors using the PMS color chart also known as the Pantone color charts makes your color selection virtually endless. The types of drives that you can get in terms of materials are also large. You can customize your USB's using leather, metal, plastic, rubber, rubberized plastic, wood, aluminum and a mix of multiple materials.

CustomizedUSA has been and will always provide the cheapest personalized USB drives in the industry and we will always maintain our position as the number one manufacturer of in North America. CustomizedUSA has a commitment to quality, excellence and on time delivery. We will never let our customers down and we will always listen to our customer’s needs and feedback. The memory for any custom USB stick that you can choose from comes in many different styles and capacity. Some of the Personalized USB Drives that we offer are very small as 64MB and as big as 32GB.

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