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Wholesale USB Flash Drives

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Wholesale USB Flash Drives have been around for a short period of time. But in that time span this tool has really made a name for itself as one of the most unique and flexible marketing items. They are changing the way companies across the country are marketing. Trade shows that were once filled with mugs, pencils, pens and other technology free items are being filled with unique custom flash drives.

You would think that this is only being done by mega corporations that have budgets for marketing that is out of this world! But this is not true wholesale USB flash drives can be afforded even by mom and pop shops across the country. CustomizedUSA is making this unique custom drive phenomenon accessible to everyone. Our prices and quality will not be matched. Any personalized flash drives from CustomizedUSA are cheap. You will be shocked to find out how affordable and cheap to get customized drives compared to any competition.

Our custom drives are compatible with all Mac’s and PC’s as well as all of their operating systems. All of our printed USBs are also compatible with all 2.0 USB and 1.1 USB. Our unique printed drives also are made from a nice selection of material. Some of the materials that you can choose from are leather, metal, plastic, rubber, rubberized plastic, wood, aluminum and a mix of multiple materials. The colors that are also available are plenty and vary. You can actually use the PMS Pantone color chart to further customize and personalize your drives.

CustomizedUSA is the industry leader in branded memory sticks and the number one manufacturer in North America. The future is now to start taking advantage of these wholesale USB flash drives and get them to start making a difference in your marketing needs.

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